2019-10-05 Rabbit Lake “revised” Ride Report

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Rabbit Lake Ride #2        Saturday October 5, 2019

When we got to the parking area the temperature was -1 C (ouch). However we were treated to sunny skies and no wind. 20 enthusiastic warmly dressed riders showed up to drive on 3 SxS and 14 ATV’s.

The day went by looking at the fall colours and the trails covered with leaves. We stopped at 3 lakes along the way to chat and enjoy the scenery.

At one water hole 2 courageous riders decided to take the dangerous route and to the entertainment of all, managed to get stuck. The rest of us were high and dry driving on a large beaver dam looking down at the action. All in fun.

Although the ride was a last minute change to replace the original one it turned out OK. The trail was beautiful for this time of the year.

Thank you riders for coming out to the ride. Great company made the day.

Barry Beauchamp:           Ride leader

Art Constantineau           Ride tail

Boisvenue Ride Report

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The Boisvenue Ride was the eighth ride of the season for the West Nipissing ATV Club.

There were10 ATVs and 1 Side-by-Sides for a total of 11 riders in attendance for this ride.

The group left the parking area at the field church at 9am and the weather was a little cool for our start.

We headed down the abandoned railway track and followed the snowmobile trail that was MUDDY in several spots but they were fun.

At the pole line we stopped for a well deserve break.

Continuing down the pile line, we drove to Pike Lake road and then turned right back to the pole line where we had another  break at Mayotte’s camp.

Next we followed the trail through the hardwoods, and stopped there for lunch.

After crossing the bridge at Holdridge Creek we took the trail North and then left, crossing Holdridge Creek again to the pole line trail back to Pike Lake Road.

For our last break, we stopped at Pike Lake.

Finally, we headed down Pike Lake Road to Hwy 64 and continued back to Field and the church parking area.

By then it had turned out to be a hot 26C  for this late summer afternoon!

The group had a great time.

Art Constantineau, Ride Leader

Capreol Pole Line Ride Report

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The Capreol Pole Line Ride was the seventh ride of the season for the West Nipissing ATV Club.

There were 7 ATVs and 2 Side-by-Sides with a total of 11 riders in attendance for this 118 Km  Club ride.

The group met at the Capreol Curling Club at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning and then drove our vehicles another 35 kms to the parking area at the North River.

From here the ATV ride started at 9:00 a.m.

We followed the Wanapitei North River for about 30 kms and stopped for a coffee break at the North River Bridge.

Next we continued down a trail to the Sturgeon River where we had our lunch break at the location that used to be a  bridge but that has  been removed.

We return back on are own tracks to the bridge crossing the North River and turned right to follow the pole line back to the parking area.

It had started to rain after lunch, on an off, and some times it rained quite hard on the return trip to the parking area.

It did stop raining when we got arrived back to load the vehicles onto our trucks and trailers.

It was a fun day for all.

Art Constantineau, Ride Leader

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King Ride Report

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King Ride – August 21st, 2019

The day went well with the weather forecasting thundershowers and rain and all we had was blue skies and 28 C temperatures.

Despite the ride being a 5 on our difficulty scale, we still had a favourable turnout with 9 ATV’s and 11 riders.

Along the way we found the carcass of a moose, a probable victim of brain worm. Could this be the result of more deer in the area which carry the tick that causes this disease?

We all noticed how dry the bush is with all the water holes along the trail being dry. On a positive side we could see the trail ahead and maneuver around all obstacles.

Many of the riders had not been on this ride before. It gave them the opportunity of seeing how it could be incorporated into many of the other rides in the Field/ Marten River area.

All were happy to get back to the parking area, tired and looking forward to a cold drink.

Thanks to all who participated and made the day an enjoyable one.

Leader: Barry Beauchamp Tail: Al Giroux

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Why you should bring a paper map, compass on a hike….and on your ATV trips!

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Here’s a recent article from CBC News that highlights as a reminder why you should bring the good old paper maps with you while hiking.  It is equally important to bring these when you are ATVing too….maybe more so as the bouncing up and down on trails could render your GPS less than useful!

Read this!




Thistle Lake Ride Report

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The Thistle Lake Ride was the fifth ride of the season for the West Nipissing ATV Club.

There were 16 ATVs and 3 Side-by-Sides with a total of 21 riders in attendance for the ride.  We lift River valley at 6pm following the road to the trail and down the trail to a pine plantation for a break, then down the trail to a logging road for break two down the road to a trail where we went around a beaver dam.

Next we went to a lake for a break and then on to the tower for the last break before dark.

We left the Tower 8.45 pm as it started to get dark with all lights on for the ride back to the parking lot.

We arrived back at 10.15 pm.


Art Constantineau, Ride Lead

Tilden Lake Alternative Saturday, July 27th has been cancelled

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This is to notify all that the ride on Saturday, July 27th has been cancelled.

 Yesterday Marcel Lafreniere, Art Constantineau and myself went out to scout the Tilden Lake Alterative ride leaving from the Sandy Falls Road. 7 kms. Into the ride we met with a 1 km. section that was very rough and we had to reclassify the ride to a 4 on our difficulty scale. Then 1 km. before Riding Stable Road the trail was blocked by a water barrier. Marcel mistakenly with his Commander side by side started across and just made it to the other side with water over his seat. He decided to return through the same water hole and we have a picture of him doing so. In one spot the bike was floating.

There was no alternative route and realizing that this was not a canoe trip we decided that this ride was impossible.

The night ride on August 10th has been scouted and is a go. Until then take care

Barry Beauchamp

WNATV Club Secretary.

Holdridge Creek Ride Report

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Holdridge Creek ride started off with 13 riders on 12 bikes. The forecast of thunderstorms might have scared some members off. The ride to the Rock Pine restaurant was pleasant except for the exceptional number of deer flies along the pole line.

Because it was members day, each rider, (2 members met us there by motorcycle), received a credit of $16.67 towards their meal. Thanks for the good service by Yvette and Gary of the Rock Pine Restaurant.

On the way back, yes, we hit the thundershowers and everyone got soaking wet. Fortunately, the rain was warm and spirits high.

On a positive note, some riders saw a young moose on the trail, a cow moose and calf in a swamp, a bear crossing the trail, a marsh hawk, a rabbit, and partridges.

In all it turned out to be a great day!


Lead: Barry Beauchamp        Tail: Art Constantineau