Winterizing your ATV (for those not putting on the snowplow!)

Here’s a great article from our friends at Cottage Life on what you might consider to pack away your ATV for the winter.  Of course I know some of you will be attaching snowplows or riding out to your fish-huts (once the ice is good and thick!).


“Before bedding down your ATV for the winter, make sure cold, condensation, chemical breakdown, and critters don’t turn your spring start-up into a letdown.

1. Clean and lubricate: Wash, rinse, and dry your ATV. Bugs and brake dust will only increase the chances of winter corrosion. Wax painted and chromed parts. Lubricate every item that could corrode during a long period of storage: chains, sprockets, cables, and lug nuts, to name a few. Some pros give exhaust pipes a spray of ….  (to continue to the full article click on the link below)