Notes from the first Map Committee meeting

Just a note to fill you in on the results of our map committee meeting. The committee is made up of Sue & Perry Brown, Bob Martin, Art Constantineau and Barry Beauchamp. We set the purpose of the committee and established the duties. Some of the resolutions were:

  1. We will not make available a map booklet but publish maps, tracks and ride descriptions on the webpage. Members can download the information to make their own book if they wish to do so.
  2. The rides have been divided into 7 regions and the rides ( 40 in all) will be classified into these regions.
  3. We have 8 rides that will be recommended to the ride committee for 2018. Description will be made for them.
  4. Next we will update all the rides for 2017 with a map and new description. They will be posted on the webpage.
  5. Next we will update all the rides for 2016 with the same process.
  6. A new general map 17 X 22 inches will be made for new members to be included in their welcome package.
  7. Two map books will be made with all regions, rides, maps and descriptions included in them. They will be available to the map and ride committees.
  8. All rides will be updated as they change.
  9. Older rides will be evaluated and some deleted from the webpage.

 You can see that this is a lot of work but the information is available. Two draft  booklets have already been made by Art and myself and we hope to have all done by mid- February.

 Bob Martin will be having a ride committee meeting on January 31, Wednesday at 7:00 pm at the Comfort Inn in the large hall. Arrangements have been made. An email will be sent to all members next week.