All Rides Suspended for now!

Unfortunately the fire situation for now has not improved enough to lift travel restrictions. So the next Holdridge Creek ride has to be postponed.

On our ride schedule the following rides cannot be held if they were to be held today: Thistle Lake, Holdridge Creek, Marten River, Murray Lake, Hwy 805 to Cross Lake and Gull Lake. You can see that we will have to rethink the schedule.

What our ride committee will do is reschedule the rides according to the MNRF removal of travel restrictions. We will have more rides in August, September and if need be October. As soon as we have good news, a new schedule will be posted and sent out.

The board hopes you understand the situation and calls for patience. Let’s all pray for rain and cooler conditions.

Barry Beauchamp

WNATV Club Secretary/Treasurer.