Holdridge Creek Ride Report

Holdridge Creek Ride: July 28, 2018

Finally we were able to get a ride in what with all the recent fire travel restrictions. 25 riders on 14 ATV’s and 5 side by sides showed up. Although it was drizzling at the time all were enthusiastic to get going.

Just 3 kilometers into the ride we were challenged by an unexpected beaver dam and 2.5 feet of water. All made it through but some riders got wet feet, pants and one had water over their seat. There was lots of laughter about this incident. We had to use the chainsaw and axe a few times but managed to get to the Rock Pine Restaurant just after noon. All riders got a $10 credit on their meal as part of the clubs Members Day contribution. The food and service was excellent and we were well received by Yvette and Garry.

We returned back by way of Nine Mile Lake and onto the water hole for more fun arriving at the parking area at 4:00 PM. It was a great day with the weather clearing up in the afternoon. Thanks all for the comradery and chance to socialize.

Barry Beauchamp…..Leader

Bob Martin……………..Guide

Art Constantineau…..Tail