Mountain View/ Mud Lake ride – Aug 26, 2023

On behalf of our ride chair, Phil Beauchamp, ride leader Rob Mineault and tail, Rheal Berichon, we would like to remind you of the upcoming Mountain View/ Mud Lake ride, next Saturday, August 26th.

Once again the club had a great ride on Aug 26, 2023. We had a great turn out – despite the 2 week push for the ride, there were 7 ATVs, 3 side by sides, interestingly enough 2 were larger than the recommended 60 inches, although the largest which was a woping 65 inches did have a very experienced driver who showed the majority of us how to drive in tight corners.

We did have to stop a few …maybe 5 times to “assist” the larger side by sides in manoeuvring, cutting down some small trees, but all made it through quite nicely. We made it to our scheduled lunch spot for apporoximately 12h30, where we were met by a large group of campers who were enjoying the Pike Lake camping area.

The remainder of our ride was uneventful, although we did take a “small” cut through to shorted the ride as some of our “older” riders were starting to feel the uneven terrain.

Thanks to all who took the time out of their busy schedules to join us.

Thanks to Art Constantineau for the photography from the ride.


ineau who provided the pictures from the ride.