Why do we make New Year Resolutions in January? It’s Greek to me!

Well, here we are now into January.  Most of us are probably still hanging on to our New Year’s resolutions, still saying good by to 2018, and wishing a merry hello to 2019.

So, why do we do this in January?

Well, maybe the Greeks have the answer, and it’s one of their gods ….. Janus.

According to www.crystalinks.com, it might be because of the ancient Greek belief in Janus.

“In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions, thence also of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time. He is usually a two-faced god since he looks to the future and the past. The Romans dedicated the month of January to Janus. His most apparent remnant in modern culture is his namesake, the month of January.”

So January is named after Janus!

“Janus was frequently used to symbolize change and transitions such as the progression of past to future, of one condition to another, of one vision to another, and of one universe to another. Hence, Janus was worshipped at the beginnings of the harvest and planting times, as well as marriages, births and other beginnings. He was representative of the middle ground between barbarity and civilization, rural country and urban cities, and youth and adulthood.”

And not only that, according to Wikipedia, Janus may also be an ambassador of peace!

“Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. The gates of a building in Rome named after him (not a temple, as it is often called, but an open enclosure with gates at each end) were opened in time of war, and closed to mark the arrival of peace (which did not happen very often). As a god of transitions, he had functions pertaining to birth and to journeys and exchange, and in his association with Portunus, a similar harbor and gateway god, he was concerned with travelling, trading and shipping.”

So, whatever you might believe in, here’s to wishing you a very peaceful 2019!  Take care!