The Black Bear

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The black bear is a bulky and thickset mammal. Approximately 150 cm long and with a height at the shoulder that varies from 100 to 120 cm, an adult black bear has a moderate-sized head with a rather straight facial profile and a tapered nose with long nostrils. The ears are rounded and the eyes small. The tail is very short and inconspicuous.

For more information from the Canadian Wildlife Federation, click Black Bear – CWF.


Redpoll – Common or Hoary?

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Well, it’s a couple of days before Christmas, and a bit cooler this morning at -15C.   I was outside with our puppy, and noticed that some Redpolls were visiting the bird feeder along with the chickadees, having a bit of a pre-Christmas feast.  I thought that they were Common Redpolls, but after some investigation, I’m think they might have been Hoary Redpolls.  They move so fast it’s sometimes hard to see the detail.  Anyway they are both common to our area.  According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, found at site, you would have to have a sharp eye to notice the difference.

Common Redpoll


To read more about this bird at, click on “Common Redpoll”.

Hoary Redpoll


To find out more from the site, click on “Hoary Redpoll”.




Trivia: What does James Cagney and the WNATV Club have in common?

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As you may be aware, the WNATV Club has a number of rides the members use here in North Eastern Ontario. But did you know what the WNATV Club Rides has in common with the famous U.S. actor James Cagney?

I’m not going to spoil the answer, but you will think about it the next time we ride to Rabbit Lake.

To find the answer, watch the clip at this address (my apology in advance for the computerized voice!)  Trivia Answer