Save Wolf Lake

Many of you will recall our WNATV Club ride to Paradise Lagoon Wolf Mountain. If you do not remember, check out the photos of the Paradise Lagoon ride in the WNATV Club photos for 2017.

I found some new friends which seem to be trying to do some “good deeds” in preserving the wilderness for all to enjoy.  They are “The Friends of Temagami”, and you can find them on Facebook by clicking on “Friends” 

The Friends of Temagami are part of a coalition of groups that are trying to save the pristine nature around Wolf Lake.  Have a look at the coalition site at

Along the WNATV Club ride Paradise Lagoon Wolf Mountain, we pass nearby a lake called Wolf Lake.  (There are many Wolf Lakes in Ontario, but this is the one just north-east of Wanapitei Provincial Park.

Please have a look at the Friends of Temagami trailer called “Save Wolf Lake”.

I have no doubt you will enjoy it, and there is a promise of more to come.