Ride Report: Hwy 805 to Cross Lake

Under a sunny sky and a cool 4 degrees C. morning, 17 riders and 15 bikes gathered to spend a day of riding. At the end of Pardo road we saw the destruction caused by the recent forest fire. Crews are already logging trying to salvage some of the merchantable wood.

From here we moved on to Baie Jeanne and the access point to Lake Temagami. Continuing on we reached the famous water hole. One courageous rider went in bare-footed to move one of the floating logs that blocked the way. All had a laugh at the challenge and the successful crossing.

After lunch we moved on to Cross Lake. Here one of the old growth white pine trees had been blown over and cut up. A quick count of the annual rings showed approximately 225 years.

Because of time. we couldn’t go to below the Cross Lake dam and the old piers of a once well-traveled bridge. As we returned we passed through the centre of the forest fire burn and got back to our vehicles at 4:00 pm.

What a beautiful day of riding. Thanks all for the fun day.

Barry……..Ride leader