King Ride Report

King Ride – August 21st, 2019

The day went well with the weather forecasting thundershowers and rain and all we had was blue skies and 28 C temperatures.

Despite the ride being a 5 on our difficulty scale, we still had a favourable turnout with 9 ATV’s and 11 riders.

Along the way we found the carcass of a moose, a probable victim of brain worm. Could this be the result of more deer in the area which carry the tick that causes this disease?

We all noticed how dry the bush is with all the water holes along the trail being dry. On a positive side we could see the trail ahead and maneuver around all obstacles.

Many of the riders had not been on this ride before. It gave them the opportunity of seeing how it could be incorporated into many of the other rides in the Field/ Marten River area.

All were happy to get back to the parking area, tired and looking forward to a cold drink.

Thanks to all who participated and made the day an enjoyable one.

Leader: Barry Beauchamp Tail: Al Giroux

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