Boisvenue Ride Report

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The Boisvenue Ride was the eighth ride of the season for the West Nipissing ATV Club.

There were10 ATVs and 1 Side-by-Sides for a total of 11 riders in attendance for this ride.

The group left the parking area at the field church at 9am and the weather was a little cool for our start.

We headed down the abandoned railway track and followed the snowmobile trail that was MUDDY in several spots but they were fun.

At the pole line we stopped for a well deserve break.

Continuing down the pile line, we drove to Pike Lake road and then turned right back to the pole line where we had another  break at Mayotte’s camp.

Next we followed the trail through the hardwoods, and stopped there for lunch.

After crossing the bridge at Holdridge Creek we took the trail North and then left, crossing Holdridge Creek again to the pole line trail back to Pike Lake Road.

For our last break, we stopped at Pike Lake.

Finally, we headed down Pike Lake Road to Hwy 64 and continued back to Field and the church parking area.

By then it had turned out to be a hot 26C  for this late summer afternoon!

The group had a great time.

Art Constantineau, Ride Leader