18/04/21 Sugarbush Ride Report

The Sugarbush Ride started with a forecast of sun, sun and more sun. From Sturgeon Falls, 15 bikes and 18 riders left to go to Field. Along the way a cow blocked Stewart Road only to be scared away by the noise of the machines. On the other side of Clear Lake, a cow moose and her youngster were sunning themselves in the middle of the road. What a beautiful site.

The group joined up with the rest of the gang who had trailered to Dale’s place on Pike Lake Road. The total count ended up at 30 riders, 7 side by sides and 15 ATV’s.

At the sugar bush Gilbert Desjardins was going to make only his second boil of the year and had no maple syrup for sale. Conditions were poor with the snow too deep and the days too cold. It was disappointing but was made up with him treating us to making taffy in the snow.

We came back through the slushy road to Pike Lake Road and each group made it back to our starting points. A great day was had by all by both the members and their visitors.

Leaders: Bob Martin and Barry Beauchamp
Tail: Art Constantineau

Sponsor: Total Cabinets.