Mountain View / Mud Lake Ride Report

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On Thursday night/Friday morning we had a snow/wind storm at the Marten River area dumping 30 cm. of snow. After consultation it was decided to continue with the ride on Saturday.

First of all that morning highway 64 was not plowed. Then going to the parking area, a 100 meters from the highway the first two vehicles got stuck and had to be towed back to the highway. Once tracks were made all 11 vehicles got to the parking area safely. The 13 riders were set to ride.

Next stage was a 5 km. trip to the Holdridge Creek bridge a 15 minute trip. Not this time. The snow laden trees with the wind had blown over numerous trees and out came the chainsaws. It took 1 hour to get to the bridge. The snow was wet and so were we.

A decision was made to cancel the planned ride and make up another sticking to those trails that were more open. Yes, there were some trees down but we managed to plow through the snow and get to the beach at Pike Lake, make a fire, have lunch and laugh and joke at the experience. We came back a shorter way following the pole line.

And again with the light drizzle and the snow on the trees there must have been at least 50 balsam fir trees bent over the last 5 km. of the trail that we had cleared in the morning. Out came the chainsaws.

Once at the parking area we all found the experience great but maybe not to be repeated in a long time. Lots of comradery, joking and sore backs. Those ATV riders are brave and resourceful people.

Barry Beauchamp…ride leader                   Marcel Lafreniere….tail