Silver Lake Ride



AREA: Region: Hwy 64 North & River Valley
North of River Valley

DISTANCE: 70 km.


ACCESS: On highway 539A turn left on hwy 805 and travel up to Pardo Road to park. You
can continue on 805 and park at McNish Creek or continue approximately 2 km.
where there is another parking spot. The road to the right leads to Silver and Tee

– Depending on the parking area leave from Pardo Road a well- kept logging
road and travel approximately 7 km.
– Turn left and travel along a nice trail for 8 to 9 km to Deschamps Lake. Turn
right at the main trail. Straight ahead will be our trail on the way back.
– The first place to visit is Lake Deschamps. Here there is located another hunt
camp. There is a trail leading to this lake.
– Coming back to the main trail we now turn right and head off to Lake Indian
Trail. Again you turn right to visit this lake.
– The third lake to visit is Echo Lake on which Field Lumber used to have a
logging camp. You can still see the remanences of the camp. We continue
following the main trail to get there. It can be difficult at times and might
require a chainsaw. This is a perfect spot to have lunch.
– After lunch you return on your tracks just to after Deschamps Lake turnoff
and turn right to Spiank Creek.
– On the map this is called Silver Creek. Go down the steep bedrock with
caution. Sometimes the water levels can be high so check this out.
– There is a hunt camp located here. Prospectors have built a good road to the
right 7 km. from hwy. 805. If short of time you can take this. We turn to the
– Continue on to Tee Lake and Silver Lake. At both lakes there are nice spots
overlooking the water. There are small forks that lead to the water.
– Continue on to Hwy. 805 and to our parking areas.
– There is a road to the west going to the Gassy Lake / Sturgeon Rivers but you
cannot get there because of over growth.
HISTORY: At Echo Lake you can see the footings of an old logging camp. This is where
Field Lumber used to have a camp in 1944-1946. The whole area is one of past
logging of the old pine forest.

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