Paradise Lagoon Ride



AREA: Region: Markstay Warren North
East of Lake Wanapitei



ACCESS: Turn off of Highway 17 onto Kukagami Road and travel up to the abandoned
railway for parking.

– This ride is made up of three sections.
– The first leaves the parking area following the trail through red pine forests to
the Wanapetei River. Continue on to the Kukagami Road.
– Turn left and head north on the road to Paradise Lagoon. If conditions are dry
it would be advisable to wear goggles because of the dust.
– The turnoff for the Lagoon can easily missed for it is just a short distance
before the turn-off to Wolf Mountain. This is indicated with excellent signage.
If you do just return a short way to the next side road.
– Turn east and park your bikes at the end of the trail. You now have to walk
maybe 1000 feet to the lagoon. Beautiful waterfall. When we went there,
people were swimming in the lagoon. Reminds you of Paradise.
– Return back to your bike and head for Wolf Mountain. Start climbing the
mountain and you will notice that a past logging operation poured concrete in
spots on the road to fight washouts. The road has become dangerous with the
deep ruts and you seem to fight them to keep from tipping. So take care.
– You keep climbing to the top of the mountain and the scenic view. Remember
to take pictures. You can have lunch here.
– Return on your tracks to Kukagami road and back to the parking area.
– Just before the Parking area turn right and follow the trail in the red pine
forest back to the abandoned rail line and the parking area.
Revised 01/24/18