Murray Lake


TRACK: Murray Lake

AREA: Region: Markstay Warren North
North of Hagar



ACCESS: Drive to the parking area some 23 km north of Hagar on Hwy 535 north just after crossing the Bailey bridge
and the abandoned railway tracks.

– From the parking area head east along the abandoned rail bed for a short distance and follow trails
parallel to the rail line.
– Just before the Sturgeon River make a left and continue on the trail that follows the river north to where
the Murray River flows into the Sturgeon River. Nice spot for a break.
– Back track a short distance turning right and checking out Jack Lake and beyond.
– If you wish you can continue on to check out Dwyer Lake. Before this if we follow the track take the
fork to the right and go around Lost Lake to the main road to cottages on Murray Lake.
– Turn right and take the trail south of Knowles Lake coming out at the Murray River.
– Turn left, crossing the bridge and continue on to a nice spot overlooking the Murray River. This is a nice
spot to have lunch.
– Continue a little further and take the logging road to the left and continue on to Kelly Lake. Coming back
we will take the road to the right to go around the lower Murray Lake.
– Going up to Kelly Lake you can also check out a road to the left that leads to Maskinonge’s East Bay.
There are many forks one leading to a mountain overlooking the Grassy Creek flowing into the Sturgeon
– Retract your steps and turn at the trail going around Murray Lake as mentioned above.
– This can be slow going with steep terrain but you can get a nice view of Lower Murray Lake. There is a
nice long sand beach that can accessed from this trail so lookout out for this crossroad.
– Return to the crossroads and continue south to the site of the Pine Falls Lodge. Part of this burnt down a
few years ago. Check out the power generator between the two lakes.
– Follow the main road back to Hwy 535 and our parking area.
HISTORY: L. Brun Ltd from Field, Roy Lumber from Hagar and Goulard Lumber from Sturgeon Falls, cut
extensively in this area harvesting red and white pine.
Part of this ride used to be our Family Day Ride for many years.