Hangstone Ride



AREA: Region: Temagami / Temiskaming / Mattawa
North of Marten River

DISTANCE: 75 km.


ACCESS: Just before the Hwy 64 and Hwy 11 junction on Hwy 64 we turn off on Pozniak’s
road. Drive in 2 km to an open area near Frawley Lake. Sometimes you will see
recreational trailers parked here.

– We follow an old logging road, heading west, past Florence Lake, over the
bridge at Opechee Creek, on to Wolf Lake, a distance of 8 km. Splake fish
were stocked in this lake in the past.
– Continue on to a fork in the road just before Hangstone Lake. To the left you
can cross a small bridge at the head waters of Red Cedar Lake. Alternatively,
if you continue straight ahead you come to Hangstone Lake. The crossing here
is interesting but during high water will be too deep. Continuing on you will
meet the same road as if you had crossed the bridge.
– Head west on a good trail for 6 km. where the trail ends at the Temagami
River. The bridge here has been removed and did at one time allow traffic to
go to River Valley. This is a perfect spot for lunch.
– Returning on our tracks for a short distance, turn left on a rough trail to the
Cross Lake dam. Unfortunately this has been gated off so we cannot access
the dam and take pictures. Just a little further the trail ends at Cross Lake.
– Continue back tracking to just before Hangstone Lake. Take the fork to the
left which parallels the lake heading north. What is interesting here is the
narrow but clean trail and the abundance of mature maple and yellow birch
– At one spot a right turn will lead to the narrows in Hangstone Lake.
– Continue on until reaching McAdam Lake. Before this you can see glacial
activity with the high eskers. This is a good place to stop and rest.
– You can continue further but the trail gets rougher and needs more
investigation by our members. Those that have done it meet the swamp that
connects to the Tonomo Experience ride. During dry times this could be
– Return back to the parking area by back tracking. Again try crossing at the
outlet of Hangstone Lake. The bottom is in gravel and the experience can be
unforgettable depending on the height of the water.
This ride was last done in 2016.
Revised 01/21/2018