Gull Lake



AREA: Region: 805 North North of River Valley

DISTANCE: 104 km.


ACCESS: From River Valley on highway 539A turn left on hwy 805 and travel up to Manitou Lake RV Park situated on Manitou Lake to park. This is approximately 1.5 hours from Sturgeon Falls.


– Leaving Manitou Lake RV Park on 805 continue north up to the first right onto Turtleshell Lake road. It is excellent going up to the landing of Turtleshell Lake. – For the next 3 to 4 kilometres the going is very rough with the trail covered at times with rocks and boulders. Going is slow. – The trail is now A-1 right through to Gull Lake beach. This is a beautiful spot to have lunch. It is a favourite place for campers. – After lunch we head north. If you take the first right this will lead you to Longbow Lake and then Lake Temagami. At this time we continue straight ahead. – Turn right at the second road and continue on to Lower Bass Lake. This is a nice place to have a break. If we had gone left this is the main road back to hwy 805. Just 1.5 km. on that road there is a hidden turnoff which if taken will lead you to an abandoned mine. – Arriving at a T in the road turn right to go to Alan Lake or left to go to Upper Bass Lake. This is a good trail with many places to stop. – Returning back, when we arrive at the T we go right. Left would bring us back to Lower Bass. At the next ‘T” continue straight ahead. Turning left would bring us back to Gull Lake. Push on to Greenrod Lake, a beautiful place to stop. – Continue on to the hwy 805 junction. If you turn right it goes to the end of Emerald Lake where there is a nice beach. – Turn left on the hwy 805 and return back to Manitou Lake RV Park.

HISTORY: The club has had numerous organized rides in this area. The numerous logging roads makes this area is a favourite for many riders from the West Nipissing Community. The last time this ride was made was 2018

Revised 01/13/18; 01/07/19