Grassy to Emerald Lake Ride



AREA: Hwy 805 North
North of River Valley

DISTANCE: 70 km.


ACCESS: On highway 539A turn left on hwy 805 and travel up to Grassy Lake (Wawiashkashi Lake on map). From Hwy. 805 turn left continuing 2 km. to a gravel pit to park. This is approximately 1.5 hours from Sturgeon Falls.
CONCERNS: This ride could be dusty so dust masks should be available just in case.

– This ride is an easy one following mostly roads. There are stops along the way that are unique and are really enjoyable.
– Leaving the parking area continue northwest up the logging road. Going is excellent and continue right up to Lower Goose Falls. This is an excellent spot for a break and maybe some pictures.
– Back tract a short distance and turn to the left.
– Continue on for approximately 3 km. and turn left following the Obabika river to where it empties into the Sturgeon River. You will see along the shoreline a battered up canoe that some unfortunate person must have tipped in the rapids.
– This is an excellent place to have lunch.
– Continue on always following the 805 highway back down to Grassy Lake.
– You can stop at many spots along the way. Emerald Lake Camp, Rangers Point and Blue Demon Lodge are some of the stops.
– This was an easy day.
– As was said it might be advisable to bring goggles because the roads could dry up in the afternoon and become dusty.
Revised 01/21/2018