Baie-Jeanne Ride


AREA: Region HWY 64 North & River Valley
North of River Valley
DISTANCE: 100 km.
ACCESS: Drive to River Valley (a 45 minute drive north of Sturgeon Falls), and park at the empty lot next to the school and church.
– The first 20 km. is on a well maintained road (it can be very dusty at times, so bring a mask and goggles in case). At Kennedy Lake, go straight taking the Baie-Jeanne road. 1.0 km. further you will also see a road going west. This joins to Hwy 805 and is part of another ride. Continue on to the right. Here you will see a Baie-Jeanne sign at this corner.
– Approximately 5 km. further there is a fork in the road. To the left we go to Baie-Jeanne and to the right we head to Cross Lake. Keep to your left onto a rougher trail, and you will reach the Baie-Jeanne camping area. Baie-Jeanne is the most southern part of Lake Temagami. An excellent view and camping spot. There is a water access here.
– Returning to the fork above, we head off on Cross Lake road2 turning left (northeast) to continue the trip. After about 7 km, you will have to cross a wide creek about 2.5 ft deep at Sinton Lake. The base is solid but keep your feet high to be dry.
– Here you can have your lunch, or wait another 5 km at an open area near South Iron lake. After lunch, you can head to the third fork, where you can reach the Cross Lake access if you keep to your left. This access ramp is the result of hard work by a group of local individuals who pressured the government in making area lakes accessible to all!
– Then head south back to the fork above, and turn left to reach another scenic spot on the Temagami River just below the Cross Lake Dam, where there was once a bridge connecting to the road across to our Hangstone ride and eventually Hwy 64.
– Then you can return to the same fork and turn left (southwest) and travel about 12 km, which will bring you back to the Kennedy Lake fork (Baie-Jeanne road). At this point we turn left and follow our tracks south back to River Valley.
HISTORY: The club has had numerous organized rides on this track. This area is used by many riders from the West Nipissing Community.
The last time the club went on this ride was 2017.
Revised 01/14/18