Rabbit Lake #2

AREA: Region: Temagami / Temiskaming / Mattawa
East of Hwy 11N, south of Temagami
ACCESS: Drive 21 km on Hwy 11 North past the Marten River turnoff, and turn right on Rabbit Lake road at Gramp’s Place. Drive on a good forest access road for 6 km parking in an open area at the turn off to the Rabbit Lake boat launch.
– This is an alternative ride to the Rabbit Lake Ride and was done by the club in 2019.
– From the parking area, head north 0.6 km for a quick peek at the Southwest Access to Rabbit Lake where there is a dock and boat launch. Then return to the parking area and head east (turn left) for 9 km on the access road arriving at Moosehead Lake.
– Keep going northeast for another kilometre and then turn right onto a well-travelled trail. The scenery is beautiful with lots of mature hardwoods. This is especially colourful in the fall. The trail is well maintained because of the hunt camps in the area.
– Continue on to Salvation Lake to have a break and enjoy the view.
– Continue on with the trail following Desperation Lake. There is a hunt camp along this trail.
– Just a kilometre beyond this camp there is a turn-off which if we turn left brings us to a cottage situated on Expectation Lake. This private cottage is well equipped with a garage and many out buildings.
– Don’t take the fork to the cottage but continue straight ahead to another T in the trail. To the right is the trail we will be following coming back. Turn left.
– This will bring us to Simpson Lake, the site of an old lumber mill. At the boat launch was a barge that campers use to go further up the chain of lakes. This is a good spot to have lunch.
– Returning on our tracks to the “T” continue straight ahead, travelling through a series of hardwood stands. You can see that the pine was logged out many years ago. Continue on until we reach a beaver dam. If you travel below the dam there is a good chance of getting stuck. Travel on the dam and you shouldn’t have any problems.
– Continue on to Alice Lake and you can deke to the left and park at a hunt camp. Beautiful spot for a break.
– Return back to the trail turning left and continue on to the main road. Just before this, there is a trail going to the left. Don’t take it because of the numerous blowdowns and other hazards.
– At the Rabbit Lake Road turn left and back to the parking area.
HISTORY: There has been extensive logging in this area. Goulard Lumber in the 80’ies were subject to environmentalist chaining themselves to trees as a protest to cutting old growth forest. This was at the time national news. The last time this ride was done was in 2016.

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