Temiskaming Ride



AREA: Region Temagami / Temiskaming / Mattawa
North of Eldee (near Temiskaming)

DISTANCE: 115 km.


ACCESS: From North Bay, drive 65 km on Hwy 63 to Temiskaming. Parking is in a parking area situated on
an island between the Ontario and Quebec borders.

– This ride is really a modification of the McConnell Lake ride in that it leaves from Temiskaming
rather than travelling 27 km up the McConnell Lake logging road. This road can be rough at times
depending on if they are hauling wood. So it is a good alternative route. It is also advisable to bring
extra gas.
– Rather that describing the ride completely, could you please look at the McConnell Lake Ride
description for detailed explanations.
– Leaving the parking area, travel a short distance turning right at Thorne. The first road will bring you
to the forested area and the trail that will meet with the McConnell Lake ride. This is approximately
6 km. away.
– You will visit many lakes and streams. Green Creek, McLaren’s Bay, Odrian Lake, Camp Opimika
and Lake McConnell are just a few. Also the terrain is rolling with the forested area covered with
pine and white birch.