Sandy Inlet Ride



AREA: Region: Temagami / Temiskaming / Mattawa
Temagami North

DISTANCE: 73 km.


ACCESS: Drive to Temagami, and continue on to Temagami North, some 4.6 km north on Hwy
11N, stopping just before the bridge crossing Net Lake. Turn left on Kanichee Mine
Road and drive 450 meters off of Hwy 11N to the Pipeline and parking area.

– Starting from the parking area, go west for 8.8 km, crossing 2 bridges along the way over
Net Lake and Kanichee Lake. Remember to check out the abandoned mine.
– Turn right, heading NW for 10.5 km up to the fork on the map on Jackpine Rd, passing by
Chambers and Jackpine Lakes.
– Keep going north for 4 km, meeting Red Squirrel road, passing by Tyndal and Contact
– Turn left here, heading west for 6 km on Red Squirrel road, passing by McLean Lake and
the Anima Nipissing River.
– Keep going west on Red Squirrel Lake Rd, for 9.2 km, passing near Red Squirrel lake and
a sandpit campground, and eventually reaching a Wanapitei Camp sign. Turn left here and
then make a right at the “T”. Turn left at the first intersection, parking at the Gate. Take a
5 minute walk to the beach on Sandy Inlet, a sheltered bay on Ferguson Bay on Lake
Temagami. A very scenic spot to have lunch.
– For the return trip, go back on your tracks heading east for 9.2 km. Turn right here,
crossing over a rock riverbed, heading SE for 6.3 km on a trail along Lenore and James
– Turn right and then follow our track back to the parking area.
HISTORY: Kanichee Mine: 1934-1937 milled 3.318 tons of Copper-Nickel matte.
1973-1976 became an open pit producing 1,393,144 lbs of Nickel and
3,117,490 tons of Copper.
Red Squirrel Rd : created in 1965 to log jackpine. During the 1970s, the road was
extended to Diamond Lake area and open to the public in 1972.
In 1988, expansion of the road met with protests: 340 arrests.
Gated at Barmac Lake, the road continues up to Beauty Lake
Rd up to Hwy 560.
Temagami Fire Tower: First constructed in1910 on Caribou Mountain: the 45 foot
wooden tower was replaced in the late 1930s by a 85 foot steel
tower, Then in 1961 a new 100 foot tower was built. This
tower is 400 feet above the town (1300 feet above sea level)
and offers panoramic views from the cupola or from the decks
The last time we held this ride was 2014.
Revised 01/20/2018