The Common Loon

Did you know that the Common Loon is the provincial bird of Ontario?  Most of you know that is the namesake of our $1 coin…..the “loonie”, which sports an image of the common loon.  But do you also remember that the loon was also proudly displayed on a previous series of $20 bills?

The loon is also known as “the great northern diver”, and anyone who has spent time on the local waters in the evening will most likely have seen this bird diving and staying submerged for quite some time.

To read more about this crazy laughing bird, check out the link to Bio Expeditions discussion here:  Common Loon

Or perhaps Audubon’s site at Common Loon

And here’s their “haunting” sound of the loon that you just might hear in the evening while out paddling your canoe, (or from your ATV if you turn it off at the edge of a lake!)