21-07-24 Holdridge Ride

Finally we were able to get a ride in, despite all the Covid-19 restrictions. Please note that social distancing was followed all day long.

Some 40 riders showed up on 16 ATV’s and 8 side-by-sides. This was a large group considering that rain was forecasted for later in the morning.  All were enthusiastic to get going.

We encountered 2 feet of water while crossing a large swampy area, but this didn’t prove to be a challenge for anyone.  All members took it in stride.  As we left Finlayson lake, a fine rain started but let up as we ate lunch under the red pine trees at Camp Nine lake.  As we continued the ride, the rain got harder and harder.  Nearing the parking area, it became a downpour! Nobody seemed to mind, as the weatherman had told us so, and we had prepared ourselves for such an event!

We returned to the parking area at 2:15 PM. It was a great day, especially since this was the first ride of the season where all were able to ride after a year of restrictions.

Thanks all for the comradery and chance to socialize.

Barry Beauchamp…..Leader

Art Constantineau…..Tail