2021-09-11 Thistle Lake Ride

16 ATVs

  1. SXS

30 Rider’s

On the third ride of the season we finally had a chance to leave on time at 9:30

It started off as a cloudy day and a temperature of 20°, which was perfect

We had a nice slow Ride that went through a new trail  to the lunch area. After lunch we went up to the fire tower which was a little bit of a challenge but everybody made it.

We left the tower and went down to the sand pit where we had a little bit of trouble.

But we all chipped in and got through it.

We continued on and got back at the parking area at 3:00.

Everybody got loaded up and left just before the rain started everybody enjoyed the day and the new trail

And some of the rider’s were asking about the next ride that was coming up

Which has a new trail in it also.

Lead Art Constantineau

Tail.   Greg Stephens